The manufacturing industry is fast-paced and is constantly striving to be more efficient. At STR Group USA, Inc. we help our clients improve their business through the provision of quality talent across production management, test & validation, quality assurance, planning, project and process engineering, value stream and operations management. Working in close partnership with our clients we help strengthen supply chains and achieve operational excellence at all levels.

We supply skilled workers for a wide range of global clients, from small manufacturing firms to large international and multi-site corporations operating in niche manufacturing areas and generic large volume product ranges. We help clients to meet fluctuating demands, while remaining efficient and productive at all times.

We maintain a large pool of pre-qualified and pre-screened candidates, including both management and general labor, enabling us to fill your critical positions with the right talent, with the right skills, right away.

Whether you have a fixed requirement, are experiencing high turnover or just have a pressing project, our customized and dedicated recruitment solution will ensure you have the people you need to get the job done.

Our expertise spans all areas of manufacturing and our dedicated consultants’ source professionals across all specializations; from Assembler, CNC Machinist, Machine Operator, Mold Setter and Material Handler to Instrumentation, Maintenance and Process Technician. Whatever your requirement, location or timeframe, STR Group USA, Inc. will aim to exceed your expectations.